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Success factor for companies

Persil Service improves your company’s position when it comes to work-life-flexibilty: after all, a Persil Service Point in your company makes life easier for employees and their families thus ensuring more flexibility at home and work.

Our service makes your company more attractive:

  • Service set up free of charge
  • You don’t need to do anything – we take care of everything for you
  • Available throughout Germany
  • Supports family-friendliness
  • Sustainable service – coat hangers and washable Comfort Bags are reused
  • The time saved is attractive to your employees, giving you an advantage in the competition for skilled workers and management staff

What’s more: we set up the service without costs for your company, including the stations that need to be installed for handing in and picking up the laundry. The size and number of the stations is based on the size of your company. Contact us for additional information.