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About us

Persil has been standing for optimal cleanliness and care for over 100 years. Since then, products have been enhanced constantly to make laundry easier for our Persil users and to help increase their quality of life. Persil Service ensures the seamless continuation of this premium standard from Germany’s leading detergent brand:

A strong service with strong partners

Persil Service is a partnership between Henkel and Stichweh, a leading provider in the mobile textile cleaning market. Our companies combine the highest quality standards and expertise in the area of textile care.

Transportation, cleaning and washing, as well as ironing, are carried out by licensed textile cleaning companies locally. An independent assessor checks regularly to ensure that quality standards remain consistent and high. All licensed businesses stand out due to the fact that they carry out all wet washing solely using Persil - Germany’s top detergent brand.

This information applies only to Persil Service in Germany.